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Children with Cancer Program


(Association of parents whose children have cancer).


Want to help to Children with Cancer in Quito?

Our social responsibility in Quito is to help the children with cancer.

Besides being the director of the Spanish School, I feel responsible to work in favor the patients of Cancer during all its phases. I work with children and parents giving occupational therapy workshops in order to overcome the difficult situation having a child with this terrible illness.

If you wish to volunteer with ASONIC just go ahead and start letting us know about your availability for that. No payment need to be done to be a part of the team.



Our Spanish school supports ASONIC with a small part of the money that you pay for your Spanish classes to finance some of their daily expenses like: rent, payment of basic services of electricity, water, telephone, food volunteers, payment of teachers, etc.

ASONIC is located right in fromt of the Hospital of Children "BACA ORTIZ" where children with cance from all over the country come here to receive treatment and daily care with specialized doctors.


ASONIC is the meeting place and residence of children with cancer in recovery who are still attending their treatment in the hospital because they need time to fully heal.

Both, children and their parents come from all provinces of Ecuador because this is the only CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL specializing in this type of disease and we require more and more help of various types as: healthy food, children clothing, counseling, recreational support, educational assistance (English Teachers) psychomotor aid, learnig materials like books,pencils and much more.

If you have love for children who suffer from some form of cancer and would like to help his recovery, come, write us or help us to help.

We need:

Teacher of Children,
University students and,
People in general who can contribute in the rehabilitation of these children.
If you want to make a contribution to economic, please let us know about your contribution to ASONIC account in order we can send you an invoice with the organization´s name and a diploma for your commitment to children suffering from cancer and your responsibility social.
If you want to be a participant in SONIC, we invite you to the Centre and, if wishing to devote time to help with your hands at the Center for 1 day, a week or more, please let us know the dates of your availability and we will coordinate the work you have to do.
Our questions for you:
You want to support ASONIC ?, How?
- As a volunteer: Teaching English, counseling, education, support in playground, other.
- With donation of clothing, donation of learning materials, books, notebooks, pencils, etc ..
- With economic contribution (no obligation)
- With other aspects. Which?

Please let me know your concerns here: info@colonspanishschool.com
Jose Aguirre: Christopher Columbus Spanish School Director


- ASONIC not perform medical work but it does help to recover children.