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Bienvenidos a nuestra Escuela en Quito

Thank you for leting us know about your interest with the Spanish Language.

Please keep in mind the time difference when trying to contact us because we might not be open when you write us.


If you just want to book for Spanish lessons now, please let us know when and at which time you want to start.

Thank you for choosing our Spanish School in Quito!


Please remember that we do not ask for payments in advance until your arrival in Quito.

Unless you want to make surer that your reservation is confirmed, we will be very happy to confirm your deposit as soon as possible!.

Thanks a lot.



Contact Us

WhatsApp & Calls: +5939 987 84872 (JosƩ - 24/7)

Phone office +5593 2-2506508

e-mail joseaguirre4@hotmail.com

Address in Quito: Av. ColĆ³n Oe2-56 y Versalles (Google Maps)



Phone office: 0225065089 - Cellphone: +593998784872 - Address in Quito: Av. Colón Oe2-56 y Versalles (Google Maps)