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CristĆ³bal ColĆ³n Spanish school - 2022

Since 1997

CristĆ³bal ColĆ³n Spanish School


Acredited to GRANT student VISA Certificates

Certificates that allow you process a STUDENT VISA for 6 months or 1 year.


Spanish Courses - 2022

Learn Spanish in anyway - In class, outdoors or just by staying in a nerby and warm Host Family.

Please come here or cotact to us now. You are very welcome to your Family in Ecuador..!

Choose the perfect Spanish Program for you. Friendly atmospher and spectacular teachers - Best cityĀ“s prices.


Our Students

The school where you learn Spanish and see treasures Ecuador.

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We are located at four blocks from the main tourist quarter, La Mariscal, fifteen minutes from the colonial old town, and one block away from the nearest trolley stop. Google Location

This section is the most frequented by tourists because of the travel agencies, shops and good restaurants.



About Us

Over the years, our School has become one of the most popular Spanish schools in Quito, not only because of the quality of our teaching &Ā teachersĀ but also because of the quality of our relationship with our students & our great level of flexibility. more about our history

Jose Aguirre

School Director


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