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Spanish courses

Start any day of the week

Our program is based on a written evaluation test or a 15 minute oral evaluation test together with the designated teacher, then we will plan your classes based on your available time for classes at our school. Start with the first lesson every day from 09:00Hrs. Please let us know how you would like your Spanish Course with us that we will coordinate exactly as you want.

- One-to-One lessons
- Group lessons
- Shared lessons
- Online lessons (Skype)

Students can first try for one day of lessons at the school then decide whether to pay for future lessons. Students can study in class at the School but also ask your teacher to take you in Quito.

- NO registration fees.

- NO extra charges

- Payments are weekly on Fridays. (At the end of each week of classes)





  Costs for courses


One week program

20 hours program. Learn all basics so you can survive in Quito then improve your skills while travelling around Quito, Ecuador or South America.  


Study materials and vocabulary. City tour in public bus with your Teacher is an option too.


Cultural program - Field trips each day

5 days program, 30 hours of classes, 5 important visits.


Do this during your first week in Quito then you can continue with standard lessons from 9am to 1pm.




2 to 4 weeks program - Pay weekly

A flexible way to learn Spanish.

Please plan your studies from 2 to 4 weeks. Pay weekly. Most of students like "Weekly program" because in case you like the lessons a lot, you can keep it for more or stop when you feel you want it.


You can stop the lessons when you fell it but you can continue it you liked it, Welcome always!.




Regular Course - Complete program - 6 weeks program

120Hrs program, Lear Spanish in a progressive manner, step by step from the most basic Spanish until the most dificult topics. Dayly activities out of the School are included.

Learn Spanish level by level with a certification!








Shared classes -Mini group or semi-private class

Share the class with your friend/partner. Please pay per person.

Please consider (if it is your case) we need to find your "Spanish level" first then find a group of students for you. If we don´t have a group class now, you can BE THE FIRST student for the new group class of max 3 students.


  One teacher in the class




3 days a week program

6 hours program per week

Please try it betwen 1pm to 4pm

  Please choose the perfect days to learn in the day




Pay as you go Program

1 hour per day program

Please try it betwen 1pm to 4pm

  Please choose the best time for it


Phone office: 0225065089 Cellphone: +593998784872 -- Address in Quito: Av. Colón Oe2-56 y Versalles (Google Maps)