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Learn and travel

Learn & Travel with Us

Conbine your Spanish classes with tourist activities in Quito to reinforce your language skills. Start at any day!

Do this ONLY during your first week with us. Later weeks you can do standard classes. 30 hours program, 5 days from 9am to 4pm.

Put in practice your Spanish skills and get to know the city of Quito and/or the Country together with your teacher, your guide.


In the mornings, we will be happy to teach you the Spanish Language from 9am to 1pm and once these are finished, we can organize some quick trips of 2, 3, or 4 hours in the company of your teacher. The tourist places can be chosen from our list below. Please check our suggested itinerary:


Excursions from 1 to 3 hours
The changing of the guard in the presidential palace. Only on Monday, 11 am.
- La Ronda, a colonial street in the old town. Here you can have a coffee and rest. There are very nice restaurants.
- Plaza Foch, area of ​​national and foreign visitors with good restaurants and hotels around. It is also a place of concentration of the people when there are public spectacles com the international futbo, important national holidays, cultural activities and more.
- The Cable Car starts at 9am and can take up to 5 hours if you want to ride a bit .. It takes a sunny day.
- The local market of Santa Clara to try a typical Ecuadorian meal. It is a traditional and popular market.
- The craft market of "La Mariscal" is an important place to buy some small souvenirs for your friends in your country.
- The Botanical Garden of "Parque La Carolina". If you like to enjoy nature, walk or make ice cream, this is a good place.
- The "Central Market" if you like the traditional fish of Quito "Corvinas" you should go there with friends.
- The museum "del penal" The old prison of Quito. In the old town. It is an interesting experience "The midnight express" sensation in Ecuador The giant "Parque La Carolina". Safe area for walking and doing free sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, boating, etc.

Resturants for dinner in Quito with a nice view:
- Restaurant "The Mosaic". Nice view of Colonial Quito and the "IglesiaLa Basílica".
- Restaurant "Beautiful view". Nice view of Colonial Quito and the "IglesiaLa Basílica".
- Restaurant "El Ventanal". Great view of all Colonial Quito.
- "La Ronda" Spanish street to walk in the evening and try typical traditional food.
- "Pims restaurant" - in the Panecillo, the central hill of Quito with the Statue of the Virgin Mary. Incredible view of North and South of Quito
- "La Plaza Foch in La Mariscal" Area of ​​good nightlife in Quito. Good restaurants and bars.


Cinque Terre

Cost $295


All necessary public transportation during the visits or taxi service when necessary.
- Private Spanish lessons with a Private Spanish teacher/guide.
- Refreshments during breaks at the school with: bread, coffee, milk, tea, & hot chocolate.
- All necessary materials for lessons (photocopies, sheets of paper, map of Quito).

All fee for visits:

- The Old Town mueums
- Museo Mitad del Mundo (Equator monument fee),
- Museo Intiñan (Equator),
- Lunch at the "Equator" with the Teacher.
- Cable Car Fee (Teleferico)
- One Beer.

Cinque Terre


Phone office: 0225065089 Cellphone: +593998784872 -- Address in Quito: Av. Colón Oe2-56 y Versalles (Google Maps)