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Voluntary work Ecuador

Volunteering in Ecuador & Galápagos

This is your opportunity to help! - If you intend to be a volunteer in Ecuador we highly recommend that you take Spanish lessons because a good level of speaking and understanding Spanish is often needed. Check out the following links for more information about the different courses offered and the costs:


Our experiences

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Conservation Program in Galapagos (SCY)


  • Habitat restoration: removement of introduced vegetation.
  • Reforestation: Seed collection and classification, nursery work, reforestation lines maintenance.
  • Organic agricultural activities and agroforestry to secure food production for the station.
  • Station maintenance.
  • Personal   project   (develop   your   own   project   or   support   different conservation projects)
  • Trail maintenance.
  • Sign elaboration for trails.
  • Basic construction activities.
  • Help clean fresh water supply.
  • Help in kitchen
  • Petrel’s observation: nests finding, clearing around the nests to facilitate the mother’s entrance.
  • Phenology studies and flora inventories: observation of native, endemic and invasive species.
  • Bird’s observation at the reserve to determine if they are native, endemic or invasive.
  •  Germination Project: The most effective method for germination in vegetable production
  • Coffee production to see the possibility of exportation coffee.


Conservation Program in the Cloud forest

To get to Los Cedros in one day you must take the 6:00am bus which gets into Chontal at 9:30am or the 8:00am bus from Otavalo(buy your ticket the day before) which gets to Chontal around 1:00pm. This gets you to the reserve in time for lunch from Quito. At that time in the morning it is easier and safer to get a taxi to the Ofelia bus station – from the Mariscal area, this should cost around $5-10. hte buses leave early in the morning..... more...


Conservation program in Quito

Volunteer Program for Sustainable Development at "YUNGUILLA" Located at only 50 minutes from Quito. Public bus required.
26 families belong to this comunity with about 200 people. They need your help for environment protection and conservation programs.
The Turismo comunitario is very important for the comunity. You can help them by working in the vivero of fruits and vegetables cultivation.

  • Conservation programs
  • Work in the chese farm
  • Work in the Mermelade farm
  • Work in re-plantation
  • Teach English to the Children in the local litle children school.
  • Enviroment education.
  • Participate in adventure activities with the locals.


Conservation in the Amazon (Tena)

Work, enjoy and get the best experince staying at the Jungle in the Amazon.

We offer 1 week program for volunteers with no too much time in Ecuador. If you feel that you want to work more than 1 week, no worries, just let us know how long!

  • Conservation programs
  • Work in re-plantation or in the Vivero, The medicinal plants farm
  • Cleaning trails in the reserve
  • Keep in well conditions the Orchids
  • Monitoring animals in the jungle
  • Teach English to the Children in the communities around.
  • More options in the jungle are also available.

Location - Tena town - Sector Punta Aguano - Río Napo in the Amazon. Travel for 6 hour in a public bus from Quito

Children with disabilities Program

Children of 8 to 16 years old.

You can work in any area of CAMPO ESPERANZA depending on your interests and personal qualification.

Since Camp Hope is a small institution, we will not be able to pay wages, but we will support you as much as possible by organizing your stay in Ecuador.

From our volunteers we expect:

  • Engagement
  • Flexibility
  • Enjoys working with children
  • Willing to adapt to another culture

Volunteer programs in Ecuador

Teaching English Program in Quito

Teach English in a beautiful Suburban Public School. "SIGMUND FROUD CHILDREN SCHOOL"


Volunteer programs in Ecuador

Animal resque program (Quito)

Do you like animals? Want to help to prevent illegal trafficking of animals? Want to help with medical aid to those animals that were in captivity and are now sick?

We require people who likes animals and who want to contribute to their physical and emotional wellbeing.

PAE - Organization Quito


Phone office: 0225065089 Cellphone: +593998784872 - Address in Quito: Av. Colón Oe2-56 y Versalles (Google Maps)